BC 12/29/03 – Deep Muscle Invasive TCC 1/15/04

I've just had my three year follow-up appointment (5/18/2007) with my surgeon, Dr. Rizk El-Galley, and everything is great. No evidence of disease on my ct scan or chest x-ray, and all my labs are normal.  I've been taking vitamin B-12 injections since last August as my most recent blood levels had been low (May […]

IVP & Cystoscopy results…

Everything was A #1, completely clear!  Thanks to everyone for all the support since I first reported seeing blood in my urine on August 20th, I appreciate it very much.  I was fairly sure it was going to be from a UTI (the blood), but you all know there’s always the possibility it could be […]

A little bit worried…

…about having seen a fair amount of blood in my urine this past Sunday and although I know it very well could be a UTI, the word recurrence does pop into mind.  I saw my surgeon yesterday and we’re waiting on a urine culture, but he’s also had me scheduled for an IVP and then […]

Dana Reeve 1961 – 2006

I realize this doesn’t relate to bladder cancer, but it is about cancer.  I learned as many of you have by now also, that Dana Reeve wife of the late Christopher Reeve (Superman) has died from Lung Cancer at the age of 44.  She leaves a thirteen year old son, and his pain must be […]

additional info: incontinence

In my most recent update I mention having found a solution for my incontinence, and I go on from there and tell of an additional find (another form of estrogen) that helped me even more with my problem.  What I didn’t mention was what made me ask for more assistance and that came because of […]

Update to my story dtd 30 Nov 05

[size=16] 30 November 2005[/size] I’ve had four follow-up CT scans and so far all is clear. Although my first follow-up in August 2004 had me holding my breath for the next three months, as I had a newly enlarged lymph node on that scan. Dr. El-Galley (my surgeon) told me it very well could be […]

What happened to my story on the old storyboar

One last little thing something I’ve noticed on Classmates dot com website is when you go to your own profile or bio or whatever they call it, it counts your visit to your own area as a viewing as if by others.  My question now is does it happen the same way here on this […]

Can you use our forum?

As far as I know I never received an email from this site that contained my original story, the link I use is in my Favorites category on my Internet Explorer.  It just started taking me to the new site, I’ve seen nothing else.  The information that’s available on the new site doesn’t explain much […]

Can you use our forum?

Thank-you, and I hope I find it easy to use.  Having to read lots of detailed instruction is not easy for me because of my ADHD, so I hope if there is still a problem you'll be able to find something that works for those of us who are instructionally impared.