Life w/ a Neo-Bladder

It's been almost one year since I added to this post so I decided I would continue the story here.  First off, I have had several 3 scans since surgery and so far so good! In other posts I talk about hypercontinence or the in-ability to urinate.  This is one of those issues that a […]

Life w/ a Neo-Bladder – UPDATE

Thought I’d provide a quick update.  October 10th will be 7 weeks post-op for me.   At week 5 the Super Pubic tube was removed… my last.  This was a bitter sweet moment.  I was not a fan of the tube, but I knew after this, I was on my own.  Evenings have been trying. […]

T1-G3 w/ CIS.  RC w/ Neobladder

When I came home, I still had Ureter stints draining direct from my Kidney to a bag, a Foley cath in my penis going from my new bladder to another bag and finally what they called a superpubic tube to another bag.  The SP tube is just another cath going to the neobladder through your […]

Life w/ a Neo-Bladder

I can only say that I wish I had found this site around 6/22/06.  It’s wonderful to hear the stories of others and read through the forum links.  BC is not well known so when I found out, I truly felt alone.  Since everyone has their own tale and no two are alike, I thought […]