another surgery – “elective” ??

well, i went for another opinion on my neo bladder which has left me totally incontinent since last July.  went to another doc at the same facility.  now   i'm scheduled for surgery to "convert" the neo to an internal pouch.  my current problem is that the doc is calling it "elective".  aside from all […]

another opinion on Tuesday

to recap, i had a neo bladder in July last yr. i have been incontinent ever since.  i have seen another doc my surgeon referred me to.  i don't like what he is proposing, basically, a hammock.  my research has seemed to indicate this procedure is not so great. so, i have an appointment with […]

2nd surgery thursday

well, be careful what you ask for !  they found a fistula in my first post-op CT Scan. i was scheduled for surgery to close it March 30th, way too far away. i emailed my own surgeon, heads up the whole deal/dept. at USC and he got it moved up to this Thursday (2/17).   […]


i had my bladder removed last July and have a neo bladder. i am very incontinent and may need further surgery to "correct" that (leaving me hyper continent.)  right now my CT Scan a few weeks ago showed a fistula (hole) from the neo to the vagina. i am now waiting, waiting and waiting for […]

more surgery, ick

well, went for my first full exam (CT scan, blood work, x-rays) since my neo bladder was put in in July 2010.  they found a "hole" somewhere around the vaginal wall and the neo-bladder.  depending where it is will determine the extent of surgery.  waiting to hear from the doc at USC at set up […]

incontinence and physical therapy

i posted in november re having a neo bladder as of july. i am totally incontinent. i did find a physical therapist (there are many) specializing in the pelvic floor.  i have been doing the PT for 3 weeks, and am slowly seeing some improvement, about 10%.  it will be a long process but worth […]

Physical Therapy for Incontinence after Neo

i had a neo bladder put in in July. i am totally incontinent. has anyone used physical therapy for the pelvic floor to help this ? what have your experiences been ?


i have come a long way since my first posting.  3 mos ago i had my bladder removed and had a neo-bladder. it has only been 3 months but i  am totally incontinent.  (doing my kiegels). any advise please as it is driving me crazy for a number of reasons.


  POST OPERATIVE LEG PROBLEMS (RLS) on July 15 (a month ago) i had my bladder removed.(cancer). i have a neobladder . right now, one of my first problems is that i now have restless legs syndrome (RLS).  this condition is making it impossible to sleep. i am sure it is related to spending 12 hrs on the […]