BCG: Initial Treatment – 3rd instillment

During the third instillment, I started to "loosen up" during the office visit.  As the nurse reached down to wash me off, I jumped just a bit and cried "OUCH!!"  After being started, she laughed, almost as hard as I did.  It took a bit for me to prepare myself for the treatment, but it helped build repoire with her.  She mentioned later that it is nice to work with someone who shows humor, and is relaxed during the visits.  This instillment resulted in an intense headache by evening.  I also found that I urinated much more often (I guess that is what they call "bladder spasms").  I went to bed very early, and woke up feeling a bit weak.  I took both days off, and felt better by midday on Friday.

cstockton Author