BCG or surgery… Confused and on short time to decide…

The long and the short of it is I have had recurring non invasive for 9 years… suddenly very invasive.  Apparently my last biopsy was clear except an unknown area in my lower ureter.  Offered 6 weeks of BCG with a scoping in 10 weeks with a chance at reducing recurrence to 25% from 50% but no gurantee that it will work or that it will protect anything but the bladder.   Could be that the cancer continues to survive and thrive through this and in the end I am further behind and need more radical surgery….

Option 2 is bladder out within 8 weeks.  With what they know there is a good chance that I would come away with interior plumbing but enter in to the 5 year countdown to see if I am one of the long term survivors.  Also, as my guy puts it, may need occasional warranty work…risk of infection etc… all to remove what may prove to be a clean organ… at least at this time maybe…..

Would really like feedback on both options… from those that have had either or experience… those facing this kind of decision or from anyone with a thought or comment.

As and aside, Canadian  medical coverage is 100% so we are fortunate not to have to consider the direct financial impact of the treatment.  Loss of income may be another issue but secondary  to good health.  Rick    Victoria, BC


Rick Hawkes Author