Caregiver Needs Help

My 78 year old father was diagnosed with a Stage 1 T1 Grade 3 tumor in Jul 2009. He successfully went through a TURBT and six BCG treatments with minimal side effects. In Mar 2010 he had a follow-on biopsy … good news; no evidence of the cancer. Then he started BCG maintenance in May 2010. We had 3 treatments scheduled. After the second treatment he started shedding the lining of his bladder so we stopped treatment. Here is the issue: he has pretty significant burning when he urinates. This started with the BCG maintenance treatments in May and still continues today (3 months). He had another cystoscopy in Jul 2010. The urologist says his bladder is still inflamed from the BCG and this is what is causing the burning. Still no evidence of cancer. How long can this burning go on? Has anyone else out there experienced this? I appreciate any feedback you may have.