Chemo Strarting, RC Postponed

The saga continues, this week when a panel of physicians at the Mayo phoenix, reviewed my case at the Monday morning conference and have recommended the postpone of the RC surgery and to start a 9 week course of chemo alternating Cisplatin and Gemzar to kill any hidden cancer cells.  Evidently they believe that grade III patient (like me) have more hidden cancer that is deeper in the muscle tissue than is apparent.  While it is pretty disappointing, they claim that RC candidates that do this chemo pre-surgery, have a 15 to 17% better chance of “cure” and long term survival, that it is better to do while I am strong and not in recovery from surgery.  Has anyone had this recommended to them?


I really impressed with the time and the professionalism of the Mayo Clinic, the Oncology MD we spoke with spent two hours with us, answering all our questions and thoroughly explaining the risks and benefits of the treatment options.  I feel truly  blessed to be so close to this organization.    


Thanks for the previous posts, it conforting to know that others out there have been through this before me and are happy with the outcomes.  Thanks again.  Dan B

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