Chemotherapy Notes

I'm not sure if there is the proper place to post this, but here goes.

My husband had his first session of chemotherapy yesterday 9-13-07. Cisplatin and Gemzar. Other than the long day, everything went fine. So far, the only side effect we know of is burping. Nothing excessive, just a little. There is no heartburn or nausea associated with it. He does think he is beginning to feel a little tired. I hope to use this thread to document everything. Next Thursday will be a short day with just Gemzar. He has Emend (3 days following chemo), Zofran (4 or more days following chemo), Dexamethasone (I think 4 days following chemo) and Compazine (only if needed) to use for nausea.
Planned cycles are Day 1, Day 8, off 2 weeks, Day 1, Day 8, off 2 weeks, Day 1 and Day 8 end.
I searched on the internet a little and I did find reference to burping and chemotherapy.

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