Choosing a doctor

Four years ago my mom was diagnosed with bladder cancer and our world turned upside down.  She was treated at the Memorial Sloan Kettering and she has been doing wonderfully.  She had superficial bc.  She had a TURB with Mitomycin followed by several weeks of BCG treatments.  Since then she goes back for scopes every couple months (she is now up to six months apart) and all have been clear.  This website was a blessing to me then and unfortunately I am back on here b/c I just learned yesterday that my cousin's husband has been diagnosed with bc at the age of 38. 

 She called for advice and all I could say was get to Sloan.  She lives within 30 min. of NYC so I really don't think he should be going anywhere else; however, her insurance will only pay half of what is customary and reasonable for treatment at MSK, so she began looking into places that accept her insurance and she wants to take him to the The Cancer Institute of  NJ.  I know nothing about this place so I am on here to inquire on her behalf whether this is a reputable place for treatment.  She has the money to spend on Sloan, but is wondering if it is "necessary" at this point.  She doesn't have his pathology report yet, but her local uro who already did the TUR  is telling them that it's superficial.  He did not give her the actual grading.  Her husband is having a CT scan of his kidneys on Mon. to make sure they are clear.

I know am partial to Sloan and I am really pushing for him to go there — am I being too closed minded about this?