Converting from Urostomy(use of external bag) to Any other Diversion that dont require external bag.


Let me start saying i had my bladder removed 30 years ago. Im now 32. I have an urostomy. I live a normal life, i dont really think there's nothing i can do in life. I surf, play basketball and have a very active social life. Go out to clubs, dance, drink(moderately) and have lots of friends and 2 ex GF that knew about my condition.

The thing is that there are new types of urinary diversions that dont require the use of an external bag. Even though im happy with my life, im aware that life could be "easier" without a bag hanging from your belly. 

I want to know if there's anyone who have had both an Urostomy convert to lets say an Indiana pouch or any other kind of diversion that dont require an external bag?  What are the Pros and Cons in both if anyone can tell?

Any info will be appreciated.                                                                                                                   



Jonathan Author