Dana Reeve 1961 – 2006

I realize this doesn’t relate to bladder cancer, but it is about cancer.  I learned as many of you have by now also, that Dana Reeve wife of the late Christopher Reeve (Superman) has died from Lung Cancer at the age of 44.  She leaves a thirteen year old son, and his pain must be hard for most of us to understand.
On Good Morning America this morning they showed an interview Diane Sawyer had with Dana in November 2005, and during that interview she explained how her son hadn’t only just  lost his Father, but also her Mother, and she told how difficult it was to then have to tell him that she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.  
Dana then told Diane that she thought it was the toll one pays for living on this wonderful earth in this wonderful life (Not her exact words, but very close) we live each day.  What an incredibly courageous woman she was, and to think she is gone from this place so soon, too soon.

Lou Graham

Lou Graham Author