When I went to hear the diagnosis from the doctor, my wife and my mother (20-yr RN in oncology) came along.  I was prepared for anything, but hoping for the best.  It turned out that I had a Ta tumor, low-grade and early-stage.  The tumor was completely removed, and the tissue samples from the bladder lining and wall came back negative.  Because of my age it was decided that I would undergo an initial 6-week BCG treatment, and a quarterly cystoscopy for the forseeable future.  This was VERY good news, and I thank God for the outcome.  This diagnosis caused a lot of introspection during a time in my life when everything except my health had already been tilled up.  With the introduction of bladder cancer, there was now NO ground unturned in my life, and the soil was now fully prepared for the Gardener, you might say.

cstockton Author