In 2006 and 2007, my wife and I took a road trip (motorcycles) for my birthday (around Memorial Day Weekend).  She rides my Suzuki Volusia VL800, and I ride my friends Honda Shadow 750cc.  During the trip last year (2007), I developed a bad migraine.  My wife offered a niproxin, and after verifying with my RN mother that this would be fine, I took the medication.  Within a few hours, I felt fine.  We rode for several hours during the next couple days, but over paved rode.  I ride my motorcycle to work each day (one hour each direction), so my body is very used to the ride.

The day after arriving home, I noticed that my urine was dark orange.  At first, I thought it was just a lack of water, but it stayed that color for a couple days.  By the third day, I was concerned enough to have my mother (not only an RN, but in oncology for a couple decades) give me her opinion.  She of course sent me immediately to my General Practice Doctor (Dr. Paula Shulze).

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