fathers long journey

Thank you all for your kind words, He did have many tests done when his symtoms returned 2.5 years ago, dont know all med terms but this included a body scan with the dye or contrast insurted. When he seen the new specialist recently he mentioned that he should be having these tests done every 2 years. At first mum was upset that he had'nt had these scans ordered at christmas, but now she is thankful that he has had the scans now, as if he had of had them at christmas & nothing showed up, it would have been a further 2 years before these tests were preformed again. The last 2.5 years have been pretty hard for him having to have cysoscopies approx every 3-4 months & no real relief in symptoms, so we are hoping that he will have some relief soon. 
Thanks once again, it is nice to have somewhere to go, to discuss these issues,
Regards Cathy

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