fathers long journey


Sorry I havent been around for awhile.

Ok, Dad finished his BCG back in Nov & was to wait 6 to 8 weeks for cysto & bi-op. Well this was preformed yesterday & guess what?  ::)more tumor,  ::)now waiting on path results & ct scans. They said that it would be more than likely that they will go ahead with r/c, sooner rather than later, feeling a bit low right now, :'( I said to Dad, At least there will be know looking back saying "what if" they had tried this "what if" they had done that. Been there done that & after living with Bladder cancer for 17 or 18 years & having many, many tests, cysto's, turbs etc, we just hope that everything will be ok. He is hoping to come home today & we hope to know more soon, I will keep you posted.

cathy Author