fathers long journey

Dad had r/c on the 2nd of april, Operation went really well, it took a bit longer than they orig said as they decided to also take the urethra or water pipe as Dr put it, he also had to have his left urita cut down further as the cancer had advanced into it.
So he had bladder, prostate, urethra, lymp nodes (not sure how many) & a large section of left urita taken out, which they cut & sent of to path whilst he was under, news came came back still cancer, cut again, sent off, still cancer, cut more sent off, clear.
Dad seemed to recover quite well, apart from some blood pressure issues & being unwell around day 3 & 4 as his bowel started to wake up, then just as he was expecting to be sent home around day 7 or 8 he came down with a temp, so they took bloods, did scans ect & had to wait to find out what sort of infection they are dealing with, then over the next couple of days they gave him iv antibotics & said he could go home once his temp had come down for at least 24 hours, so today he has finally been told he can come home 14 days after being in hospital & 13 days after surgery.
Results: The results came in on Friday, thay said that there was cancer in his urethra so they are glad that they took this, there was cancer contained in the bladder & cis surronding the bladder wall but all still contained, there was bladder cancer in his prostate as well as PROSTATE cancer, & as mentioned the cancer in his urthia, so they believe they got it all & lymp nodes were Clear. ;D
So how good is that, He has been so lucky all along this journey & we were worried that his luck may have ran out, but so far so good.
He says that he does'nt have much pain at all, which amazes us, but he is one tough cookie, we cant beleive how good he is, we hope his recovery continues to go so well.
cathy. 😉

p.s for those that didnt know Dad chose outside bag.

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