fathers long journey

Hi All,
I am new to this forum, my father was first diagnosed some 15 years ago with bladder cancer, he had had some symptoms 19 months previous to this diagnosis & had tests done, doc said things were fine, when he seen a different doc (for work check up) 18 months later & mentioned that he had had the symptoms 18 months previous, his new doc asked did he see a specailist? He said NO. So new doc sent him of to specialist. The specialist viewed the scans taken 19 months previously & could not believe he was 99.9% sure he waslooking at a bladder tumor & they had even circled it. So hence he was operated on and tumor removed, he had to have cysoscopys quite frequntly for the first few years, then yearly until he had gone clear for 10 years. So after being clear for 10 years around 2.5 years ago he had symptoms return, more test revielled further tumors so has undergone a number of cysoscopies over the past 2.5 years with little aggressive tumors being removed frequently. recently his specialist retired & he seen a new specialist, new guy ordered a number of tests as he said there was know point in going in all the time & removing the tumors out of the bladder as they could be in the kidney aswell. Dad had the tests & seen the specialist on wed for results, Cancer cells in urine, cancer in the bladder & uritia. There is also something in the left kidney. So he now has to have cysoscopy, something else & biopsy, he said that they will most likey take the left kidney as once it is in the uritia its best to remove it.
So now it is a waiting game till when they can get him into hospitial.
Sorry to prattle on, Thanks for reading.
regards Cathy.

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