Female RC & NeoBladder Incontinence…still

I had my 8.5 hour surgery on January 2nd, 2008.  Long story short: wound up with staph at incision after surgery, rehospitalized, basically lost 2 weeks of Kegel training time. However, when trying, urine and mucus constantly leaked AROUND Foley anyway, Doctor & nurses too busy for me, still practicing Kegel at home,to no avail.
I've been to almost every story board for women and BC NeoBladder and I know it takes time but I don't EVER GET a "full" or "gaseous" or "feel wind" or "bloated" or "uncomfortable" as the need arises to urinate.  I NEVER feel the urge – 5 minutes or 2 hours. but every day, 3 or 4 times a day, I sit for 10 minutes, barely moving, and I'm scrunching up those muscles Kegel talks about to beat the band. I NEVER feel like I have to urinate after those 10 minutes but still tighenup those muscles even MORE…and lean over to get a magazine or remote…and urine just pours out! :'( The only way I've found to stop it is to PHYSICALLY reach down there and pinch it off. I did not have ANY incontinence issues before my sugery which is why my surgeon thought me an excellent candidate.
I hope this doesn't offend anyone but I'm just NOT having any of the success I keep reading about in the forums. I'm 74, in excellent health (my 52 year old Cardiologist said he's jealous!) and want my active life back!

JoMama in Houston, TX

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