First blog…new here

Hi i'm new.

My name is Brooke, Im 19. I'm pretty lost with all of this…I just found out last month that i had phase one non invasive tumor in my bladder.

All i did was get transfered to a urologist to find out why i was having so many UTIs Since my daughter was born last year and why i was having incontenence at the age of 19.

The tumor caught my doctor by surprise and he actually didn't mention cancer to me untill he got the tests back to confirm it and also sent it  to the Mayo clinic because they have never seen it in someone my age.

He says the tumor is already gone…because when he took the biopsy it was the whole tumore. So he feels i shouldn't go through any medications.

Since i am so young…i have been searching online and have not find anyone under 24 who has/had BC…so i feel pretty alone.

My uro says since they found it so early that it will come back…I'm so scared and I don't know exactly what to do.

I'm thinking about getting a second opinion but dont know for sure if i should. I would like to have more tests done (i don't know what kind) to make sure its all gone…and to make sure i don't have it any where else.

Cancer runs in my family on both sides but still…this is so scary for me.

Brooke Author