Follow up – should I be concerned at one year mark?

I am new to this website as I found it recently while reviewing the past year.  In Jan. 09 I was diagnosed with bladder cancer via cystoscopy after blood in my urine.  I had surgery in early February TURB with stent into left urethra due to location.  Have had clean cystoscopies at 3 month intervals for the past year and am having another surgical procedure to check the urethra and into the kidney as a precaustion to be sure there are no new tumors.  My initial grading was Ta non-invasive pappillary tumor.  Should I be expecting or asking for a chemical treatment at the same time to prevent further occurrences or if it is all clear, just continue with follow up cystoscopies at lengthened intervals as planned currently by my surgeon.  I guess it has gone so well, that I am afraid of getting a suprise if I don't act more aggressively.  Am I a paranoid?

donna bennett Author