Found blood in my urine on 3 occassions – urologi

Found blood in my urine on 3 occassions – urologist did cystostopy – dignoised with Superficial Bladder Cancer. TUR 10/13/05 still uncomfortable.

I would really like to speak to others who have been through this. After reading some of these posts, I feel bad complaining. I am really grateful as it could have been much worse. Must do repeat cystostopy in January. Not looking forward to this. Find It very painful and I’m scared of the possibility of re-occurance. I did stop smoking after diagnoised. Would welcome emails. Thanks, Andrea

1/12/06 – Just returned from my official 3 Month post op check-up. I was so nervous and didn’t sleep last night at all. I took 10 mgs. valium before I left the house and must admit it made the process(cystosopy) much easier. To my relief -NO CANCER was found!!! For what it’s worth, I’ve starting taking NONI daily (heard about it from this site and did some research), eat brocolli daily, daily meditation along with other herbal supplements . Still not smoking (almost 4 months now). I know I’m still not in the clear, but I feel more hopeful.. Thanks to all of you who sent me emails of support – it was so appreciated. Will answer all who email.

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