Getting reading for Surgery and confused

Hi my name is Sharon I was dignosied with Bladder Cancer Dec 2003 finally after a year of going to Dr,s whom seem to think I was crazy. I went thru 2 BCG treatments and it seem to go into remission then in Jan of 2008 came back this time with a vegance. The Dr had me to another round of BCG and it didn't seem to help, so now he has passed me on the another Dr .

So I guess my questions is the new Dr has scheduled me to have my bladder replaced with the Neo-Bladder and gave me this web site to look at. My surgery is scheduled for Sept 4th. After reading the blogs my worry is I don't see where the Neo-Bladder is all that great especially if I am going to be wetting my pants all the time.  So I told my husband maybe I should go with the Indiana-Pouch.

Any suggestions would be helpful cause I really don't know which way to turn.

Sharon Author