Grade IV, invasive, Radical Cystectomy, Cancer got

Grade IV, invasive, Radical Cystectomy, Cancer got out of bladder. shocked the doctor, survived for almost 5 years and going simi strong.

June 8th, 2001

In July 2000, I woke up one morning and pee’ed blood. I went to the VA Hospital in Denver, and was told that they suspected cancer. I had a IVP test, that showed a growth on the left side of my bladder. In August 2000 I had a cystoscope, it showed two tumors in my bladder. In August 2000, I had two cystoscope surgeries, three weeks apart. I was told that I had grade 3 bladder cancer. In November and December 2000, I got six BCG treatments to stop the cancer. In January 2001, I had another cystoscope, which found
three new tumors in my bladder. In February 2001, I had another cystoscope surgery to remove the new tumors. I was told that I now had grade 4 cancer,
and needed to have my bladder removed. In April 2001, I had a radical cystectomy to remove my bladder and other items around it. Two weeks after surgery, I was told that the cancer was much worse than they had thought, and had gotten out of the bladder. In May 2001, I was told that the doctors were no longer looking for a cure, but that I needed chemo to try and buy some time. On June 6th, I had a Line for the chemo inserted into my chest. On June 12th, 2001 I started my chemo (MVAC). Got first 2 treatments, then couldn’t pass blood counts for 1 week, then kidney counts too high for 3 weeks. Lost all my hair on head after 2 weeks. Weakness is the worst part. Done with chemo, feel somewhat better. Been getting CT scans every 3 months, Scans show enlarged nodes around heart, enlarged Aorta, and 2cm growth on liver. Good news is, no change in last 2 scans. Don’t know what the future holds, but I will hang in there as long as I can!

Myke Bland

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