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This may be a little different, as I am not the one with the bladder cancer.  My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer in November 2010, and had his bladder and prostate removed in December 2010.  I am his primary caregiver and work full-time as well.  He has an ileal loop, with a stoma on the right side of hiss stomach.  He has come to grips with having to wear to urostomy bag, and has got a full night sleeep for the first time in years.  He is 64.  His bladder cancer was staged at T3b.

He seemed to be doing very well after his surgery and was scheduled to begin chemo in one week.  Last week, Tuesday, he started vomiting and having diarrhea and a fever.  We thought that maybe he had contracted some food poisoning, as he seemed to get better the next day.  Then again on Saturday, he was vomitng and diarrhea again.  I know that there is a flu bug going around, so was thinking that maybe he had that.  He has been very weak, and does not want to eat.  He even has to be forced to drink even water. 

I am concerned.  He is normally a very strong man.  Not been sick at all in his life, other than having a heart problem. ( Had a 4-way by-pass in November 2009.  He has said that this suregery to remove his bladder was worse by far than his by-pass.)

 I am trying to find out if there is any type of infection that he may have, or if he is dehydrated.  I cant seem to find anything.  I also would like to know it there is any type of support group for caregivers.

Any help that anyone can give would be great.  Thanks

terrie Author