High grad urothelial carcinoma with FOCI of squamo

High grad urothelial carcinoma with FOCI of squamous differentation, invading the muscularis propria.

My mom, 92 yo, had blood in urine and went to urologist. She had a CT scan which showed a probable tumor in bladder. Upon visiting doctor, he did a cystoscope and confirmed tumor. Scheduled a tumor removal and biopsy. After surgery he said that he was afraid that the tumor had invaded wall and muscles. About 2 weeks before tumor removal she became breathless upon exertion, moving from chair to wheelchair. We had this checked out before surgery, heart and lungs were good. She has not gotten better with breathlessness, matter of fact, weaker. Doctor gave her 3 options; removal of bladder (Dr. said no because of her age), chemotherapy, or doing nothing and contacting Hospice. We are going to hear what oncologist has to say but she doesn’t want to prolong her life at this point. So hopefully with more info, she will make a decision as to what she wishes to do. She has some blood in her urine now but not like before the operation, very weak, bouts of indigestion, diaherra, constipation, hiccups. She is very concerned about pain. Her doctor promised her that she would not be in any pain. Will update after Thursday.
Update – better late than never, huh? Feb. 6, 2005. Mom has been in Hospice for about 3 weeks now. What a wonderful organization! They have been so helpful. We had a hospital bed the second day after being in Hospice. My husband and I had a 5 night respite to do whatever we wished while mom was taken care of at a Hospice retreat. Thank you, Hospice!!
Mom is bleeding heavily and getting weaker by the day. It is a very real possibility that she will stay in her hospital bed from now on. She has no strength to help or even be moved from chair to wheelchair. I thank God that she is in no pain!! To me, she seems to have gone down hill pretty quickly. She keeps asking me how much longer – of course I can’t answer that for her but I told her we will keep her as comfortable as possible until the end.

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