How long can nausea last after chemo has ended?

I am writing to ask for help. My husband had a radical cystectomy in June 2010 (prostrate and urethra also removed) for muscle-invasive bladder cancer. He was in the hospital for 33 days for ileus (digestive system shutdown), and in August started 5 months of cisplatin-gemzar chemotherapy, which ended on Dec 8th. Does anyone have experiences with nausea lasting this long after chemo has ended? He has 1 or max 2 good days a week, when he's not even aware of his stomach. The rest of the time he is miserable. He is not actually vomiting, but very nauseated with sweaty palms and no appetite at all. His anti-nausea drugs are less effective all the time, and the only one that works (Temesta) makes him so tired that he is incapacitated and in bed all day. All advice and experiences appreciated.  Thanks, Karen

Karen Author