I didn't feel sick:  I a 57 year old male, who like most have had nothing more than the common cold.   Until I passed blood and I have had my life turned up side down and then some.   I was told in late august of 2009  that I have HIGH GRADE UROTHELIAL CARCINOMA ( GRADE 3 OF 3) INVADING CONECTIVE TISSUE.   I have gotten a second opinion and the news was worse.  The cancer is into the tissue outside of the bladder.  I have  talked to an oncology Dr.  and I just get more confused.   I have one last appt with the urology group early sept.  I feel that with the spread and high degree of cancer , that my best out come is to have the operation.  Yes I'm scared, but after reading  alot of your comments  I have a better understanding of what to expect.  Thank ya'll so much.

Gary MILLIMAN Author