I don’t know what to do

My boyfriend is 28 and was recently diagnosed and treated for bladder cancer.  They found it early.  The doctors did a non-invasive surgery to remove the 3/4" tumor.  They also put a chemo drug in the lining of his bladder to help prevent future growth.  He has not wanted to learn about it; so, I've been trying to look things up on my own, but I'm not quite sure about all the jargon and acronyms.  His next scope will be in December to see how things are going.  He is not doing well emotionally and fights with me all the time.  He asks me why I'm not trying to understand.  I'm trying desperately to understand where he is and what's going on inside his head and heart.  I keep trying to talk with him, but he seems only to get angrier.  I don't know what to do.  Can anyone help?

Cristin Author