i feel like such a pessimist


my husband was finally sent to a urologist after 2 months of screening for possible reasons for the blood in his urine. the urologist told us that his ct scan was clear but  he did see some thickening of the bladder wall (that did not sound like a clear ct scan to me) at any rate he did an in office cysto and told us that my husband did need to have a biopsy. we will not get the results for one more week. after my husbands biopsy his doctor came out to let my know how he was and to inform me that the tumor was on or near his ureter so a stent was put in place. my husband and i both were blindsided by the whole stent thing and i was wondering didn't the doc see where it was in office during the cysto and could we have been more prepared for the stent thing? not that a stent is the end of the world, however this may indicate to me that this doc may not be the one for us as we are not going to be fond of surprises in this cancer voyage. If it is in fact cancer.

any advice will be greatly appreciated thanks all

Deb Tiffany Author