In the midst of so much bad news – I have some good….

Had my 1st scope post-turb and BCG.  Clear.  😉

Still waiting on labs from the wash, but there is no new growth.  Mine was aggressive and good-sized so we weren't too sure about it.

 So….3 months and we'll do it again.

 Weird thing….it wasn't bad.  Took longer than the initial, but on that one he saw the tumor right away and there was no point in looking around much.  I might be getting used to this.  Wow….of all things…..  The scope was merely uncomfortable for the passing of the prostate and that's it.  If anything, my bladder bothered me more as it still seems to be tender post-BCG and didn't like the probing and poking.

 So…..I'll keep up with the updates and you all do the same.


doug gregory Author