indiana pouch questions

I first want to thank everyone for sharing her experiences. I was excited to not be the only woman again. I had my cystectomy 3 months ago and opted for the Indiana pouch bc it seemed the most" normal" and convenient. However I'm having a lot of problems w/ catheterizing. I often can't insert and therefor can't void. This is a real problem bc my Dr. and hospital are about an hour and a half away from my home. I ended up in the emergency room this week and am back on the bag until my antibiotics are done. I seem to produce a lot of mucous and this is complicating things. and I'm now having a leakage problem so I have to cath more often (sometimes every 45 minutes) I realise that some of this is due to emotional issues. I've enjoyed good health my entire life, am very active and independent. Being diagnosed w/ cancer was a real shock. How could I have missed something so big? When I can't cath I get worried that something else might be wrong and then I can't relax.  I'm sure this is not helping me. I read w/ great relief how many of you ladies love your pouch and I'm wondering if anyone else had such a rough start? I'd appreciate any input you'd care to give…k