Ist of 3 chemo rounds completed

I completed my first three treatments of chemotherapy.  I was given two Gemzar treatments and one Cisplatin.  All in all not too bad, although the Cisplatin is a real ass kicker.  I am comforted that we are attacking the cancer and putting up a fight.  Side effects for me have been:  nausea (although controlled by meds) seems more like severe heartburn, no puking.  Hiccups that just kept coming for a few hours after  and some minor ringing in my ears, that comes and goes.


I have major loss of  my appetite and lost about 20 lbs since I was diagnost about a month ago now.  I have changed my diet completely, not eating any meat or dairy products (see book notes below; China Study)  Sticking with Mediterranean  foods, lots of soups and salads.   All in all, feeling pretty good, back to work and not feeling as sorry for myself.


Working hard on keeping positive:  read a couple of good books that I would recommend to anyone who wants to beat the cancer:  the Cancer Conqueror by Greg Anderson, The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PHD and The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  All three are very good books and would recommend.    Also, bought and been following a Juicing Lady’s guide to Juicing although I was warned at Mayo about raw veggies, need to stick with organic and limit greens while on chemo.   Also, found a very interesting article and study on use of Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese and have been making a shake a day following the guideline of Dr Budwig.  You can find the information on the internet by searching for Dr. Johanna Budwig.  It does not taste too good, but if it will help with beating the monster, I am in.   

DanBj Author