It’s back, and so am I

Hey Greg, Thanks for the reply. Actually, we did discuss the option of Mytomicin, but my uro felt better with trying the immunotherapy again rather than chemotherapy.  

Not saying that we won’t eventually end up giving that a try…

Of course, he reminds me that we may have to some day face taking the bladder out – oh. sure, like I forgot and thanks for the reminder ;D – but we still have options left before we get to that point. I’m still kind of attached to it, you know  ::).

but I have started back on my holistic routine again as well – probably should never have backed off of that either. I had noticed that my body was becoming quite acidic just a few weeks before the biopsies, and probably had been for quite a while before I noticed it. So, I’ll stay on that for good now.

I fully agree with your analagy of the malignant vs benign. ANd yea, I feel like an inmate…..o well, coulda been worse……

Take Care,

dah111 Author