Just found a tumor….

Long story short.  44 year old male, never smoked, never worked around any chemicals.  Had urgency issues, saw a urologist who diagnosed enlarged prostate, went on FloMax which greatly helped.  PSA was very, very low (.05).  Decided to go ahead and get the Cysto anyway…doc basically "stumbled" across a very small, single bladder tumor when doing the test.  No blood in urine, no pain, nothing.  Shocked the heck out of me.  Doc said I have either a Stage I, TA tumor OR an inverted Paplinomma (sp?) which is benign.  50/50 shot.  Wont know until they take it out and do the pathology on it.

Going in for surgery on the 24th to have it removed.  My journey is just starting.  I am not really that scared, but in doing all my research, I am alittle more alarmed.  I think the chances of cancer is more then "50/50"…my reading says closer to 90%.  Maybe I am just psyching myself out.  Is there really that many "benign" tumors?  I have a ton of people praying for me and I feel strong.

Question:  dont know what to expect from the surgery (also having a TUIP done on the prostate at same time) or what to expect if I do have a cancerous tumor. Doc says it is small, doesnt look like it has invaded any muscle or bladder wall and they will monitor it afterwords.  I read 70% of tumors come back so it looks like odds are not in my favor and I am dealing with this for the rest of my life if it is cancer.  Urologist is pretty calm and has an attitude that what he found "isnt that huge of a deal – needs to come out, but not that big of a deal – equated it to having a small skin cancer removed"

You guys have all been through this war before…any advice?  PS.  I have a great urologist – Harvard educated, very experienced surgeon, very pro-active, I like him alot.

Dean Author