Latest scope – 10/13/09

No abnormal cells detected.  Doc said everything inside looked good.  We opted to start BCG maintenance in 6 weeks and every 6 months after that till we determine it's not needed.

 It's amazing how I've gotten used to the procedure.  Only thing that bothers me now is the injection of the numbing jell.  When the scope gets close to the prostate I take a deep breath and slowly let it out and I barely feel it.  That's a FAR cry from how it felt the first few times.  Gets to be less and less as I go through this process.

 The after affects are lessening too.  I still get some spasms following the scope and the first few urinations are a bit tenative.  No blood the last two times.  No serious pain.  Just uncomfortable after the numbing wears off.  I just remind myself it's not Chemo and things don't seem bad at all….  😉

 Thanks to everyone for thoughts and prayers.

 Stay vigilant.  We can't let this stuff get a hold on us more than it already has….

doug gregory Author