Leigh’s Journey With Bladder Cancer

Day 8 of the chemo has just finished and I am so thankful for no drama’s this last week.

The last couple of days have been harder on my body as I have been feeling tired and weaker and I am sleeping longer and longer.

My mouth is a little sore and dry although I have kept up with the regime of using a soft brush and rinsing four times a day with salt water.  I have the feeling I am clenching down in my mouth more which is probably also due to the stress of the first week of the unknown.

My bodies natural instinct to wake to urinate has disappeared and I have resorted to setting the alarm every two hours through ought the night to stop any accidents.  This is just a temporary thing I guess while my body adjusts to the chemo.

Things are slowing down mentally as I find it hard to concentrate on any one thing and think that is what is known as chemo brain.

My motivation is also on a backburner but I am happy to let it be for now as I adjust to this new situation.

The battle goes on…..

Leigh Author