Leigh’s Journey With Bladder Cancer

Dear Forum,

The days building up to my appointment today for the results of the CT scan were very difficult although this weekend I had a feeling of peace. A feeling that everything will be ok and this gave also a feeling of calm.

Today in the waiting room of course my stomach was once again turning with nerves until my oncologist called me in.

The scan was clear which is fantastic news….nothing could be seen except a small bladder stone in my new bladder.

I was taken on a step by step tour of my body looking at each section of the CT scan. Even the cysts that I had in my right kidney and the 4 nodes in my right lung have disappeared which is fabulous.

My last cycle of chemo has been delayed because of low blood counts. Hopefully it can begin this Thursday for the small chemo and the big chemo Friday with a one night stay.

Once the chemo has finished in three weeks I don’t have to return to oncology for three months which is excellent news.

So as you can imagine I am a very happy chappy today and will celebrate this evening with a few glasses of wine.



Leigh Author