Leigh’s Journey With Bladder Cancer

Home alone:

Now that the operation is all over I have no regrets for choosing to have the neo bladder. I would be lying if I said it was easy it certainly was not.

At times during my first few days I did have lots of regrets and thought I had made a big mistake for choosing the neo bladder. The other operation for the stoma bag would have been easier on my body and the recovery time much quicker. However I came through it all and I am alive and I am so very thankful and appreciative. I take my hat off to all of the people involved in helping and supporting me for getting through the last 6 weeks.

Urologist appointment: 

It is now two months after my operation and I am back to the hospital for my check-up. Thankfully everything has been really fine, my neo bladder has been working perfectly and my urologist is very happy.

My once a day catheterization has now been changed to once a week for the duration. Apparently this is to maintain neo bladder health and reduces the chance of bladder stones and infections.

I was asked to provide a blood and urine samples and an appointment for a CT scan has been arranged in a couple of weeks on the 29th November.

CT scan:     

I had my scan today and it was the usual scan of the torso. I will get the results on the 12th December.

I am also extremely happy to report that I am 99% continent in the day time and 95% at night. I still wear a protection pad in my underwear in the daytime and night time….just in case.

My plans are to go back to work as soon as possible. Just waiting now for the results of the CT scan and if any adjuvant chemotherapy is required before I make that decision.

The battle goes on…


Leigh Author