Leigh’s Journey With Bladder Cancer

The first chemo is now doing its search and destroy mission and thankfully it is operating in stealth mode as I have no complaints.

My lovely neighbour and friend drove me to the hospital and stayed with me for my first round. It was advised to be accompanied the first time in case of an adverse reaction which would stop me from driving home. As I had no problems I will drive myself in the future.

As I have a new bladder the capacity to hold urine is very low and I noticed that 15 minutes before the chemo process had finished I was desperate for the loo. I started to get pain in my lower back and a tender feeling in my groin. Luckily I managed to hold on those last few minutes and as soon as I was unhooked I dashed to the loo for a very relieving pee……

Tomorrow will be a one night stay in hospital for the Cisplatinum chemo and I check in at 10:00 but at 09:00 I have my appointment with the Urologist to see if everything is ok with my new water works…..

The battle goes on…..         

Leigh Author