Low grade TCC

My Poke-and-peeks have been clean for a year up until today.  My Dr found five new tumors had develop.  He started to zap them in his office, but it became quite uncomfortable so we have decided to do this in the hospital with me put under anestisia.  After my bladder heals up for two weeks or so, I will be starting 6 weeks of BCG treatment.  It’s all a bit of a shock as I think my wife and I convinced ourselves that it would not come back, but we’re ready to face it.  

Low grade TCC

I first notice some blood in my urine late in 2004.  It made me a little nervous, but nothing was hurting and it went away.  I had an upcoming physical scheduled so I just waited to speak to my doctor then.  By the time my appoinment came around, my blod test and unine test showed no signs of anything so it was chaulked up to a possible infection.  

Well in Febrary of 2005, I again saw blood in my urine and this time went to the doctor right away.  He suspected a kidney stone but an CAT scan proved negative.  I was in his office on 2/11/05 when he suggest I make an appointment with a urologist.   At this point I did not suspect anything alarming. A urologist in the same building had an opening in 5 minutes, so I scooted over there and had my first cystoscopy.  I was watching the screen as my bladder was examined and seeing the tumor on the blader wall was like getting hit by a truck.  I sat in Dr Millers office with a million thoughts running through my head.  He explained the TURD procedure that would be done the following Monday and the 3 month cystoscopies that would be performed for the next couple of years.  

After a long, emotional weekend, on Valentines Day, I had that little tumor removed.  I felt sore and groggy for a few days, but was back to work the following week as if nothing had happened.  

I have had two cystoscopies since then with no sign of a reoccurence.  My Doctor is confident that we will not see any further tumors.  Best of luck to anyone else who is going through bladder Cander.

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