My bladder cancer battle

Thank you all for your kind responses, and thank you in particular Wendy for your thoughtful reply and for refering me to that article regarding low grade bladder cancer (I have put it on ‘my favorites’ for continued reading).

I often think that all these sectionings (4), BCG regiments (2) Interferon regiments (1) and laser treatments (2), as well as  the countless cystoscopys and biopsies I received did little more than stir up the situation , and sometimes I wish I had just left well enough alone.  But it is interesting to see that there is considerable medical opinion agreeing somewhat with this idea.  Also the follow up study on low grade papilary carcinoma is interesting .  Does the treatment of this desease really require radical surgery?
Are we killing ants with sledgehammers?

Also thank you for the info on the pet scan.  I agree that a negative in the lymphs should be considered a positive thing , despite the scans misdiagnosis within the bladder walls.   With regard to my heavy chemo, the rationale by the oncologist was that as it was possible (not certain) that the cancer was in the lymphs, he wanted to blast it to submission, so to speak. Your statement that you never heard of  concurrent grade 1 cancer with positive lymph nodes is also enlightening.

I have decided on the radiation therapy.   For your info this will be 15 – 20 minutes a day for 5 days a week, coupled with a once a week chemo regiment.  I begin shortly

As I explained to my wife, my reluctance to surgery  is primarily based on two things.  1-My belief that after surgery (after stirring me up some more) the cancer will return, this time in a more spreadable location, and I’ll be too weak to deal with it.   2-As long as it remains low grade and contained to the bladder it must be treatable in some way, or manageable at least.

Once again , Thank you

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