My bladder cancer battle

Well, I am very much underway with the radiation and chemo treatments.  Radiation  15 minutes a day, 5 days a week at 7 AM, and Chemo one day a week,  for 5 hours. (Cysplatin)

I have been told that I’m a T2,  with a possibility of T3, and  am being treated as if nodal involvement is negative.  Tomotherapy, the name of the clinic, and apparently one of only 100  of these new radiation machines in existence in the US.   Among the advances of this  unit is its ability to read where it is going while it administers the rays.  The bladder apparrently is a moving target .

So far no  side effects at all from radiation, to be expected I’m told.   And the Chemo is not as bad as the heavy doses I’ve taken before.

Anyway just thought I’d share

Mike_A Author