My bladder cancer battle

hello again – Waiting for a scheduled MRI to determine results of all this radiation and chemo.  Tumor is necrotic or dead but that doesn't mean I'm cancer free.  There probably is residual cancer in bladder.  Doctor suggests another cysto after MRI, and if cancer is present – another TURBT – I told him no on the Turbt as I have had six already and it always comes back.  In fact I read somewhere that it always seems to come back after Turbt for everyone.  Why go through it again??  Doctor agreed on revisiting this issue after MRI results.  I wonder if any of you have an opinion on my position here.
Regarding side effects.  Radiotherapist was correct in saying the most severe side effects would dissipate for the most part after a few weeks.  The constant burning leaves and the need to urinate every 15 minutes leaves as well.  But I still wake up every hour to an hour and a half at night, and there still is the occasional burning.    But I'll take it as my life slowly but surely is getting more normal.
One unexpected side effect.  My oncologist tells me that my blood indicates a severely low level of magnesium, caused by the Chemo, for which he prescribed pills.  This explains why I have been so weak and tired lately.
All the rest of my blood work results are good to excellent  hemo. white blood count, kidney etc.  I suppose I should be greatful.
Anyway, I just thought I'd share my experiences with you.


Mike_A Author