My Bladder Cancer Journey Blog

I just had my cystoscopy on the 11th April.  I was delayed – they found my Blood Pressure was too high and so that was treated.  

It looks like good news.  A very small area which was was cut out and cauterized and then the magic words – "the rest of the bladder looks fine, taken biopsies which I expect will mean we can downgrade the CIS".

The full story is on my blog and the trauma leading up to the operation, the anger at being delayed and how I used Hypnotherapy to control my life long aversion to hospitals and doctors.

I don’t see myself as free of this at all and I will continue my blog to make sure I’m capturing as much of the experience as possible.

I’m not yet convinced that everything is over or that this is it.  I’m pleased that the BCG has worked and if I need to go on maintenance then that will be fine too.  I’ll find out in a few weeks time what the path lab has made of it all and what the next steps are.

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