My dads bladder cancer

[size=14][font=Serif]Hi I’m just new to this site I was looking around for info on bladder cancer because 2 months ago we found out my dad had it and he is going in for surgery tomorrow at 12:00pm. We are all really scared because they are removing the whole bladder and prostate and what ever else they have to. He is not a candidate for a neo bladder because he is a paraplegic I just pray that he will do ok and I wanted to say thank to everyone who has told there story it’s made this scary and hard time a little easier for my family. So if everyone could just say pray for him at noon tomorrow I would forever be grateful. [color=#cc3300]cloveya01 [/color]:'([/font][/size][color=#ff6600][/color] [color=#ff0000][size=18]Day of surgery[/size][/color] :-/[font=Serif][size=14]Well today was the longest day of my life, dad’s surgery went amazing it only took 4 hour’s he lost some blood so he had to have a transfusion but other then that he did great he had his bladder, prostate, and surrounding  lymph nodes removed. He was really shaking when he was in recovery but with deep breathing that helped there taking good care of him. Now we are just going to be waiting for the pathology report to find out if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or not that should take about 7 days. Thank you for all your prayers it worked. I asked the doctor what stage the cancer was and he said that it was pretty beep in the mussel tissue that’s why it had to come out and now he has a  ileal conduit on the right side so now we have to work on recovery I can finally breathe again I am just so grateful.
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