My first BCG has came and went—well, it feels like it’s still here.

I had my first BCG on the afternoon of the 4th.  The office was swamped and I didn't get to go back until an hour after my scheduled time.

 There was some blood in my urine and the Dr. had to take a peek in the microscope to be sure it wasn't too much.  The level turned out to be fine.

 The catheter for this was 1/2 to 2/3rds the size of the scope.  Whew.  It didn't really hurt.  I have now learned the when it passes the prostate and the pressur spikes if I'll immediately relax (because….you're going to tense up) there isn't any pain and the discomfort really drops.  The whole procedure lasted about 3 minutes.

I felt weird going home and that increased as the night wore on.  I might have been getting a cold too. 

Now my lower abdomen aches.  Last night I passed some tissue/scabs, but there wasn't any visibile blood and my urine was clear.  Is this aching typical…?  I hadn't read that before and if I did, I have forgotten it.  I had read about being being sick to your stomach and being tired, but this is a pain like one of my kids jumped on me there.

 Lastly…..the precautions about sex when you are doing BCG.  I want to be perfectly clear on this.  Is it 'No unprotected sex for the duration of the treatment cycle and 6 weeks post the treatment cycle.' ..?  Additionally, is it 'No sex at all for two days post-treatment'..?  This is all new to me and I am willing to avoid sex for the duration if that's best, but 3 months w/o is THREE MONTHS WITHOUT.!  I can go a while without worry, but that's pushing the envelope.

 My wife and I almost seem more stressed about the BCG than we were for the TURB.  Of course we only had about 36 hours to fret over that one.

 Thanks for providing a great resource…..  I'm still reading up on peoples' experiences.

doug gregory Author