My First Blog in about 2 years post TUR

Hi all!

I had a small Ta or T1 BC (can't remember which – it's been so long) removed almost 3 years ago and  I was a regular poster before the new web-site was re-disigned. As a matter of fact, I had one of the highest post counts back in 2006.

I've had multiple re-exams (every 3 mo. then every 4 mo., now every 6 mo. soon to be yearly) and, obviously, everythng is looking good.

I'm really writing because I fell in love with Campbell's book:  "The China Study". It was recommended in Dr. Esselstyn's book about preventing and reversing heart disease (but that's another topic, another forum).

I can't say enough about "The China Study". I've only seen one other post in here that mentions it but, as I was reading the book, I immediately thought of all the people that have had a BC removed and are diligently watching to detect a reoccurrence.

I've read about many alternative therapies and alternative doctors in foreign lands but this book just makes the most sense, to me, so far.  It's really all about doing something positive with your diet, to deactivate cancer cells (I know it sounds unbelievable but this guys research was on the cover of JAMA, etc. etc. and he's been looking at this stuff for over 30 years now)

It's not a fad diet or about taking exotic supplements.  I'm following his advice and while not easy, maybe, for most people; if you are motivated (like many of us here) it's not that hard either.

I don't want to go on and on lest people think I'm the author or work for the publisher (which is not the case), I'm just a retired pharmacist that lowered his cholesterol by 60 points in 4 weeks and 3 inches off my waist. But that is all beside the point; the important thing is what his diet (and I hate to call it a diet because it sounds like you are trying to lose weight) is the effect it has on cancer cells. 

Please check it out on eBay or  It's not expensive and the peace of mind and healthy life style that you recieve are well worth it.

Bob P