My long story on Noninvasive BC

am a new member of BC Web café and ACOR list…
My story:  I am a 67-year-old male living in Canada.  Approx. 5 or 6 years ago I started passing blood in my urine after strenuous exercise in hot weather while on vacation in Palm Springs.  The blood went away after a couple of days.  On my return home I reported this incident to my Doctor.  He said it is probably Hematuria, which can occur from exercising in hot weather.  The next year, same thing, blood for a couple of days while playing tennis in hot weather. Reported to Doctor again. The next year, the same thing!
(I know now that I should have requested/demanded some tests on my bladder). :'(
Then, two years ago, (March 2004) I observed blood in my urine again, however, this time I was not in hot weather, I was home. Now I am worried. I went to my Doctor and asked to see a specialist.
The Urologist’s attempt to look into my bladder in his office was too painful for me; therefore, I was scheduled for a cystoscopy under General anesthesia.
Three tumors removed which proved malignant.  The pathology report:
Tan soft tissue no more than 1.5 cm each.  Papillary transitional cell carcinoma grade II/III (lamina propria) Muscularis propria is not identified.  Noninvasive.
Question:  Does this mean the grade is between II and III?
                 What stage would this be?
We went on a vacation about a week later. Played a lot of tennis one evening. The next morning I almost filled a toilet bowl with blood! We canceled our vacation short, and returned home.  My Urologist said I probably should not have done any exercise. (NOW he tells me).  I suppose I should have know, however, I felt fine.
My next TURB was scheduled four months later.  This time two malignant tumors, Noninvasive. Four months later, TURB again, One malignant tumor.
Four months later TURB again, this time BCG was inserted during surgery.  I had one tumor, however, it was not malignant.
Now after 6 more months, I go in for another TURB March 7th.
I have been feeling fine physically the whole time.
What have I done in the meantime?  I did research on the WWW after first being diagnosed to learn what I had. (Just discovered web café the other day however).
I contacted the PET scan people in Vancouver about paying for a PET scan. I told them what my problem was.  They answered right away and said, “I would not benefit too much from the scan as it is not very reliable for detecting cancer’s in that region and they suggest I save my money ($2,000) and try other methods”
I have not smoked or drank alcohol for over 35 years.  I eat healthy and exercise a lot.
The only different thing I have been doing for the last year is:
Three times a day I drink a glass of tomato juice with a pinch of black pepper and the household spice “Turmeric” (1/2 teaspoon).
I know a number of people who take this and “swear” by it.  Especially my good friend who has prostrate cancer and was told a couple of years ago to “get his affairs in order”
(His PSA was over 50). Today, without any other medicine’s, his PSA is less than one!
Anyway, that’s “my story” and I’m sticking to it… Enjoy life. ;D Take care and “thanks” for this web site and those that share in it.


Canuck Author