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This is the review of my pathology from the cystoscopy and biopsies taken on 14 July:

The slides have been reviewed in conjunction with Dr R Cohen. he agrees that the urothelium shows atypia which is focally full thickness with scattered mitotic activity. There is not the typical marked nuclear enlargement and hyperchromasia usually associated with carcinoma in-situ, however, the features in the current biopsy represent at least low grade dysplasia and follow up is recommended if clinically indicated.


Bladder – dysplasia, which is of at least low grade and warrants follow up is (sic) clinically warranted.

Now my reading of this is that the dysplasia represents a pre-cancerous condition that warrants follow up and review (in other words watch it closely). Given the earlier reports and findings I am taking this as a positive and a message that my condition is not as concerning as I originally thought but it needs to be continuously monitored for progression. Would welcome any other thoughts.


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