My Story

Hello fellow BC survivors

It has been some time since I last reported and there have been a few developments since my encouraging news in early August. It’s all good news I am pleased to say.

In October I had another P&P which looked really good apart from a little inflamation within the bladder, which the Uro said was probably from the BCG I had back in March this year. I have just started a 3 week (once a week) maintenance BCG course and then I have to have my urine cytology done and another P&P in 3 months time.

I am still taking my 52mcg of Selenium tablets each day along with my bee pollen multi vitamins and have just started on 2400mg of Glucosamine (oral tablets) for a few aches and pains I am getting as I begin to age (55yo now). I get a little stronger mentally each day and remain positive that with regularly testing I can remain on top of this disease.

I am also a bowel cancer survivor from 10 years ago, bowel resection and chemo, and I have regular screening for this too, which was done in September with an excellent outcome (NAD).

I will continue to report on my progress in the hope others might benefit from my experience. Please all remain positive and continue to research and ask questions. I have learnt heaps since I was diagnosed 14 months ago, much of it through the BC WebCafe, which is a brilliant resource. I am grateful for all the advice and support I have received.

I really hope everyone stays well and has a lovely Christmas and New Year. May there be many more for all of us.  🙂 😉 😀 ;D 😎 ::)


mildew Author